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Amirey Gan Company was established in 1995 and specializes in condominium complexes, private homes and commercial centers. The company is building 7 boutique buildings in Amirey Park neighborhood in Hadera which are on the first line of the lakeshore and a spacious park. Additionally, the company has built the Sea Village hotel which is managed by the global RAMADA company.

Sea Mall Village – one of the company’s flagship projects, a business and commercial part 180m², next to Hadera interchange in route 2.

In Zikhron Yaakov area, the company has completed developing and building Halomot Zikhron Yaakov neighborhood (800 residential units) in collaboration with Shikun&Binui; an uncompromising planning and construction can be found there, which counts as success of combining condominium complexes in a rural town.

Professionalism and financial immunity: the company is listed in the contractors book.
Amiery Gan enjoys financial immunity and financial stability. Flexibility and adjustment: Amirey Gan apartment buyers enjoy maximum flexibility in planning, designing, changes and additions in housed built according to the customer’s requirement, and in personalized architectural design based on their needs with full cooperation with them as well as meeting deadlines.

Thousands of happy families:
Amiery Gan has built thousands of residential units in various cities to the satisfaction of the residents who remain loyal and recommend to their friends.
Amiery Gan is proud to mention that the vast majority of buyers are friends and acquaintances of long time residents.

Additional projects of the company: Gan Yavne (300 residential units), Bat Yam, Kibbutz Maayan Tzvi, Park Hadera Neighborhood (700 residential units), Rechasim (150 residential units), Zur Itzhak, Pisgat Halomot Zikhron and the flagship neighborhood of Halomot Zikhron Yakkov (800 residential units) in collaboration with Shikun&Binui.

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